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Ödeme ve Teslimat


The first step regarding the orders you have placed on is to make payment control. When you make purchases by wire transfer / EFT or credit card payment system, the delivery time starts when the order amount is transferred to our accounts and it is delivered to the cargo within 3 (three) working days at the latest.



In case of money transfer payments, 2% discount is applied on the amount if Money Transfer / EFT discount is specified.

When making a transfer with EFT / EFT system, you can fill in the transfer notification form in the communication section after the transfer / EFT is done and it will contribute to your product to reach you faster.


It has similar features with wire transfer / EFT system. If specified, a 5% discount is applied on the amount. After the transfer process, you should fill in the transfer notification form in the communication section and make a notification, which will contribute to your product to reach you faster.


Your orders with payment option at the door are processed by taking customer approval by phone if deemed necessary. Therefore, the number you specify must be a number that we can reach you. In the payment option at the door, the information that the payment will be made at the door with cash or credit card must be specified at the time of order. There is no installment to the credit card at the door and payments are made as a single charge. In addition, the person to whom the product will be delivered and the credit card holder must be the same person.

In cases where payment option is selected at the door, 0 TL (0 Turkish Lira) is automatically added to the total amount as payment at the door.


The free shipping cost of the cargo is covered by our company. You can see the sum of the product and the cargo in the previous stage before the order is terminated.

 NOTE: In the regions where there is no branch of the contracted cargo company and where mobile transport is carried out, cargo is sent against the payment.

 Domestic delivery times of cargo companies vary between 1 and 5 days. Delivery address varies by distance from the cargo branch in your city. The cargo tracking information about your order is sent to your e-mail address registered as soon as possible following the delivery of the cargo. By logging in, you can access the cargo tracking information from the orders section in the user menu at the top right, or you can learn the cargo tracking information by contacting customer service via e-mail or telephone.